Cookies Policy

The sole reason for using cookies on our site Couponado is for the advancement of its services. By remaining to our website, you assure us about your agreement towards our site, our cookie policy, and our terms of use.

What Are Cookies?

Cookies can be known as a minute piece of information that comes up as a text file and enters through our website into any internet user’s computer system for memorizing the user details regarding the interaction of user and webpage.

We basically use these for processing your later sessions in a better way. Some websites do not allow you to make the use of their services without accepting their cookies. However, in the case of Couponado, you will still be able to use our webpage, but we will not be able to arrange our content according to your interests.

Privacy and Security

Using cookies on our webpage is a matter of high security for our site. We use every user detail, including yours, and make sure no information will be leaked to any third parties. It is our prime duty to make the exact use of all your minor details, and please you after every visit.

Subscribing and Registering

Making sure you have a tremendous experience while subscribing to Couponado is essential for our site. Therefore we use cookies to ease up your process by authorizing every individual step that you take. By the right use of cookies, our site assures you of being a frequenter. It helps us in providing you and every frequenter with the deals we do not let our first-time visitors know.

Personalization of Users

For permitting the extensive personalization of our website, we use cookies. These assist us in identifying and understanding your shopping behavior. Through this, we successfully tend to provide you better deals of your demand that you may be up for; while you visit our webpage.

Involvement of Third Party Cookies

Couponado deals with enormous third-party cookies that help in providing personalized details and promotions to all individuals. These are safe for every individual user on our site. We never share any personal user details with any of these third parties on our site. You can undoubtedly stay on our website without any doubt and assure the privacy of all your personal information.

Besides this, we wish to inform all our visitors about the cookies of third parties. Most of these third parties who engage with us have their own cookies. Nonetheless, we have no right over any of their cookies. Also, we do not hold account of any policies of these parties, neither do we relate to their practices. Most probably, they may be the analytical cookies or some others that are used for targeting.

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